5, 10, 13…

In approximately 2 weeks Brian and I will be celebrating out 5 year anniversary. I’m so excited. Our anniversary is 10/30 so we’ll have dinner downtown and probably stay somewhere nearby. Then on Saturday we are going to have a Halloween/Anniversary party where a good portion of the wedding party will be attending. I love parties. And I loved our wedding and everyone who was involved, so the mini-reunion will be fun. We are also doing a cheap beer tasting and anything involving cheap beer is usually a good time.

In the past 5 years Brian and I have been through so much craziness. We have spent a lot of time apart. Which has been so hard to deal with sometimes. And currently, he has been gone for several weeks and will return in about a week, right before our anniversary. I went to visit him in Dallas last month and we had such a good time. It made me miss him even more. I can’t wait for him to get back so that we can have a good time all of the time. I love that we get along so easily.

In exactly one month, our little Jillian will be 10. I can’t believe how awesome she is. I love her so much. She is cute and funny and she loves me and loves to hang out with me. She does almost everything with me, except walk to the grocery store (I don’t know why). She is always giving me big hugs and she’s always excited when I get home from work. And does she know how to work Brian, because of course, he adores her too.

Funny little story…About six months ago Brian and I were sitting out back with the dogs when Jillian comes out. Brian tells her that she should pick up the dog poop. She informed him that she doesn’t pick up dog poop and then proceeds to tell him she wants to start getting Nerd Block in the mail. (A box of silly little items that comes in the mail each month.) The one she wants costs $15/month. Now he’s irritated. She just told him she wouldn’t pick up the poop and now she’s asking for something. He begins a little lecture on how life doesn’t work that way. She gets up and storms inside. I get upset at him and tell him that he can’t talk to her that way. He should go in and apologize and word his thoughts on the subject differently because he hurt her feelings. Right after I finish my little lecture to him Jillian opens the door throws $15 on the table in front of Brian and tells him “there’s $15 and I didn’t have to do a thing”. And then goes back inside. He just looks at me and asks, “what just happened?”. I shrug. Needless to say the girl is getting her Nerd Block every month.

Okay so she’s a little spoiled but she isn’t a brat. At all. She just knows she needs to stick up for herself in a house where the other kids happen to be teenagers and she’s still little.

So much has happened in the nearly 13 years that Brian and I have been together. We’ve moved to a bigger house to accommodate 4 kids, we got married, we’ve adopted 3 dogs, we have bought and sold some cars, we bought a cute little trailer that we haven’t been able to use nearly enough yet, we have survived living in different states and hopefully a lot more excitement is yet to come.  I can’t even believe it’s been that many years, it’s gone by so fast. Sometimes much too fast. I wish it would slow down a little.

I guess I’m feeling a little sentimental and I miss him today. I just needed to type out some nonsense to get it out of my system.


I Have a Friend

I know it sounds horribly sad but it’s true. I have an actual friend who I dedicate actual time with. Every week.  We’ve been acquaintances for a long time now. Her sister is married to Brian’s brother so we see each other at family stuff when the two families are both invited to birthday parties or graduation parties or weddings. We always chit chat at these events but one time we were talking about losing weight and we mentioned we both have memberships to the Rec Center. Then there was talk about going together and blah blah blah and we exchanged numbers.

That was last summer and of course neither of us text the other to go. We saw each other at another family function and I had mentioned that I had gone to the Rec and I almost sent her a text but thought it was too last minute. She told me to text her last minute.

And one time I did and she said be there in ten. I thought it might be awkward at first but we talked and walked for an hour. And we have been doing that routine ever since. We try for twice a week.

I’m surprised by how much we have in common. I knew that we were similar in our small talk at the family stuff but we can talk for hours. It’s usually ridiculous. We talk a lot about shopping. I’ve never had a friend that knew the importance of buying crap you don’t need and how it makes you feel better about whatever crappy thing might be going on in your life. Our husbands hate this, mine more than hers, but they just don’t have any idea how it can be therapeutic. We also realize that this shopping thing can be bad. My Brian likes to point out Jillian’s room when trying to explain to me how ridiculous shopping can be and her Brian likes to point out the closet full of items that still  have tags. Yes we are both married to Brians.

One time I tried to explain shopping logic to people at work. Like a rule is, if you buy something that isn’t groceries at a place where you buy groceries it doesn’t count. The response was that maybe they need to be checking their wives receipts. I said don’t. You tell Marianne the rules and she completely gets it.

We also talk about our kids. Her kids are pretty good. They are just dumb boys but for the most part, but sweet. I have a girl that is not sweet and gets in trouble whenever I turn around. And I can talk about all of that and she doesn’t judge. Not at all. Not with comments or looks or anything. It just is how it is and she remembers being pretty bad in high school. And it makes me feel better. I can also tell her how perfect Jillian is and there’s no competition because she doesn’t have a Jillian. So she lets me have my perfect little Jillian moments and I like that.

There is also the importance of having nice handbags. And that’s more ridiculous stuff but I like having someone who understands that all the nonsense isn’t always just nonsense. So I hope I continue to have a friend for awhile. Because it’s nice.

PS Neither of us have lost much weight yet, it might have something to do with the after walk drinks that we have been consuming but we have a deal not to be fat at 40, which is next year. I’m sure we will be working on that any day now.

Little Boxes

Almost every morning this song gets in my head. The opening theme song from Weeds. Well, it was a regular song before Weeds but I think of it because in the opening credits it shows all the houses that look alike with the similar cars pulling out of the driveway at the same time to leave for work and then returning home at the same time. Basically, it’s making fun of suburbia. Where everyone is the same and lives in the same house just different colors. And that’s pretty much why it comes into my head.

Every morning I get in the car and take the older kids, or sometimes just one kid, to school. And most mornings when I leave, 3 other cars leave at almost the exact same time, either ahead or behind me, and we all drive to the exact same school and drop off various middle-schoolers. Then, some turn off to go to work and some, like me, go back home to the same cul-de-sac. Then later in the morning, around 8 or so, the ones who came back from the middle school drop off or the spouse of the other parent who did the first drop off, get into their cars with the elementary aged kids, and drop them off at the same elementary school. Every morning with few exceptions.

Maybe I should go out and try to coordinate a carpool of some sort but that seems like a lot of work. And the school year is almost over. And once it’s nice outside Jillian will walk to school. The older kids won’t, but this is the last year for middle school at our house. Until Jillian. Most of the other cul-de-sac kids just started middle school. It’s just really just poor timing.

And this isn’t to say that our neighborhood is what the song portrays. I guess to a certain extent maybe, but for one, none of the houses look alike, they were all done by different builders, and two, none of the families are anything alike. In fact some of the people in the cul-de-sac don’t seem like your typical suburbanite. Or maybe they do but that is a whole, long other post that perhaps maybe I’ll post. Who knows.

The No Point Post

Jillian and I watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime and some Hulu. It’s our thing we do at the end of the day or when we’re ready to be lazy on the weekends. Our favorite shows that we enjoy together are Raising Hope, How I Met Your Mother, and Modern Family. However, since we finish the seasons so quickly and have to wait for the new seasons to be added we have fill-ins during the wait time. Our most recent fill-in has been Malcolm In The Middle. Jillian loves this show. The minute I come in the door she yells for me to “turn on a Malcolm”. We never watch Malcolm without the other person.

Malcolm is a pretty old show, beginning in 2000,before Jillian was even born. But there were 7 seasons so it gave us plenty of shows to watch over the last several months. As we started each new season I warned Jillian that we shouldn’t hurry through them because there are only 7 seasons. She did not take my warnings very seriously because we were about to finish our very last episode of season 7 last night and before I pushed start I said, “this is it. After this no more Malcolm”. And she responded “until they add more”. When I told her they aren’t making any more she started freaking out. Asking why. Telling me it’s so good they have to make more.

After calming her down a little we watched the last episode, which was hilarious by the way, and she started up again about how that was the best episode yet. Why would they end it? WHY?

So now I have to find us a new filler because the new seasons still won’t be out for a little while and I have no idea how I am going to top Malcolm. I honestly don’t believe there is going to be anything she will love as much. I have been showing her some old movies I thought she would like. Brian mentioned that Jumanji came out on Netflix so we watched that and she did love it saying it was one of the best movies she’s seen. And then I decided that it was time for her to see The Sixth Sense which she watched twice within a 24 hour period because it was so good. But movies are more difficult to get through on school nights. We watched School of Rock last night and she almost didn’t make it through to the end because it started to get late. (Oh and she didn’t really enjoy that movie as much as Jumanji or The Sixth Sense. I can’t really blame her on that one.)

I guess I will have to search Netflix and Amazon and hope I can find something to live up to the great Malcolm. Otherwise, I’m not sure how we’re going to be lazy at the end of the day. And we both need the nightly lazy time together.

2013 Was The Worst Year Ever

Brian doesn’t think so and I don’t know what year he thinks could have possibly have been worse but I’m pretty sure nothing tops last year. It started out awful and actually ended okay, but I think that’s because it was ending. I’m pretty optimistic that this year will be a million times better than last year. Here is a rundown of the awfulness that was last year.

-Both Darby and Jordan were suspended because of some stupid little girl who likes to play a victim and get attention. I’m sure she’ll go far in life. (I didn’t really mean to sound so harsh, but whatever.)

-Brian got a new job, in a different state, where I thought my job was going to let me move as well. But at the very last-minute, as Brian was unpacking in the new state, I was told my job wasn’t going to be able to transfer with him. Awesome.

-Jillian called 911 when I wasn’t home and the police officer, though very polite and friendly, told me he could have taken her away and put in her foster care and all of these horrible awful things that would completely destroy us, but wouldn’t. This time. And when I started to cry he told me he didn’t mean to make me cry and that he didn’t want me to have a bad day. (Okay she wasn’t mature enough to stay home alone, for even a short period. It has never happened again.)

-I was getting phone calls from the middle school on almost a weekly basis, mostly about Darby but sometimes Jordan would do something that they didn’t approve of also. They were always disapproving of something. Seriously.

-I tried to get a job in the same state as Brian so that we could all live together and though I did get a few interviews, nothing ever worked out.

-Darby became hell to deal with. She snuck out like every night, ding-dong ditched the neighbor’s house in the middle of the night, was taking random pills like Advil and cold medicine just whenever, and pretty much making me want to kill her.

-We started therapy with a woman who eventually started to drive me crazier than I was when we started, and told me Darby was a sociopath and I wasn’t allowed to fight with Jillian anymore. I ended up spending a bunch of money on some homeopathic medicines that I’m not really sure helped and she was talking about extending therapy into years and years.

-During last year everyone was depressed and we were always fighting and stressed out and angry and I thought it would never ever end.

But things finally started to fall into place. Not exactly how I would hoped things would work out but life became a little bit easier for everyone.

-I was offered a new job in a new department. It was basically given to me without having to interview or anything and I feel so much better. It’s less stressful and I do things I actually enjoy doing.

-Darby’s phone and entire life were pretty much taken away. And then along came Puck. A little mutt we adopted from the neighbors. He was always getting out of their backyard and Darby would take him in and play with him until they would return home. Eventually they just gave him to her and he has been with us ever since. She finally has something important she’s responsible for. And her behavior is completely different.

-She also goes to a new school with new friends. She still hangs out with some of her old friends but not like she used to. Also, the only call I have had from the school was when her counselor called to ask me if it was okay if they transferred Darby to Honors English. Um, yes that would be fine.

-We dumped the therapist.

-Jillian and I hardly ever fight anymore.

-No one cries for no reason.

-Brian gets to spend more time at home.

So far this year, all is right with the world. I hope it just stays that way.

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas. I really thought it was going to be stressful but it wasn’t at all. Not even the numerous family get-together’s which are still going on. However, the last one is tonight and I’m free to completely relax this weekend.

So, as usual, I gave Brian my list for Christmas and, as usual, he was pretty good about getting everything on it. And, as usual, he has to throw in a little surprise. And this year it was an awesome surprise!


Diamond earrings! I don’t even have my ears pierced right now but several months ago I told him I was going to get my ears pierced so that he could buy me diamond earrings. He said he would and he did! Now I have to wait a while to wear them but it will be worth it because they are pretty!

Also, this is my favorite picture of the year. I showed Brian and he commented “just another Christmas morning at the Thompson house”. It’s so funny.


Just When I Think I Can Be Content With The World

Something comes along and messes it up. I haven’t written a post in forever because things are just not going my way. At all! And I don’t expect everything to go exactly how I plan but my goodness, give me a break, universe. Seriously, just one little break. I have even thought to myself that life is going to be this way for now. I’m fine with that. I can live with it. I can make plans around this. I can swallow my pride when I need to, for eight hours a day that I’m required to smile and bear it, and then something completely unbearable happens and I just don’t get it. It sucks and I just want to cry and yell at annoying people and do all sorts of things that I won’t do.

Because I’m not a bad person. I don’t kill puppies or hit toddlers in the face. I’m basically pretty good. I can get catty and bitchy at times but I don’t try to be mean to people. I go out of my way to be a nice person. Even when I don’t want to. It’s all for nothing…

So there you have it. Right now, at this moment, my life completely sucks. It’s exhausting.